Training videos


Thank you for taking time to prepare for leading a Small Group at Connect! We believe what you invest into this new role, you will reap in seeing lives changed, and we appreciate the effort you are making to see that happen.

Please watch the following video, Part 1 of our three part class, and make sure you have the Small Group Leader Training Manual and use it to follow along. 

Be blessed as you receive tools in your leadership tool box!


Introduction to SMall Groups

Video Training Guide - Click here for the PDF



What makes a small group work?

It might seem unlikely or even a bit intimidating to bring together a group of people who range in interests, personalities, or life experiences. But in this month-long small group series, we conduct an experiment that’s just crazy enough to work. Through watching four videos of complete strangers who start doing life together, your small group can learn the secret of growing together and building a life-changing, Christ-centered friendship.

Download the free promo materials and content videos below. The Bible Plan attached to this small group series can be downloaded here.


Leading A married small group

In this six-part course, new, existing, or potential small group leaders will learn different formats for leading married small groups and how to shepherd and lead a married small group effectively. The course begins with an introduction video teaching from marriage counselor Dr. Kim Kimberling, and each week includes a new teaching video, video outline, discussion questions, and encouraged reading.

Special thanks to Dr. Kimberling and Awesome Marriage for providing this resource. Awesome Marriage exists to tell people about God’s amazing plan for marriage and to equip couples to have the marriage God has designed especially for them.